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Shop Special

  • 8" top ring with a single pocket
  • heavy-weight, premium duck canvas
  • drab green trim, suede grab loop
  • custom badge
  • custom patchwork on ball pocket side
  • houndtooth fabric inside pocket
  • includes matching driver head cover
  • includes set of trestle sticks 

These items are ready for immediate shipment. 

Product Description

Say you ordered an "Original MacKenzie Golfing Bag" 35 years ago -- you would have written your check to The Peter Jacobsen Manufacturing Company.  Shop Special 30 is made from our heavy-duty duck canvas and features some custom patchwork on the pocket side -- a faithful nod to our roots.  This is an 8" bag with a single pocket and comes with a matching driver head cover.  

Shop Special 30 will be dropping on Wednesday 7/12 @ 5pm PST. 

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