8” opening  vs  7” opening

This measurement is the diameter of the opening at the top of the bag. First order of business: both sizes can hold a full set of clubs, so no worries there. With an 8” opening you’re going to have plenty of enough room for a full set of clubs — midsize grips, jumbo putter grip, 3 hybrids, whatever it is — it’ll fit. With the 7” opening, while you can most certainly fit a full set of clubs, it’s just a bit more snug. It’s ideal for minimalists or those who find themselves alternating between a full set and some version of an abbreviated set. Keep in mind that with an 8” opening, you have the option to choose 1 or 2 pockets. A bag with a 7” opening will have a single pocket. 


1 pocket  vs  2 pockets

This question comes up frequently. We would venture to say the following: folks are often surprised at how much they can fit in a single pocket. Our bags are thoughtfully designed with a “less is more” ethos, so we obviously want to encourage you to bring only the essentials. Whether you can fit the things you personally need into a single pocket is for you to decide. You can comfortably fit the following in a single pocket: balls, valuables pouch, range finder, water bottle, keys, phone, wallet, and even a light quarter zip. In our world, those are the essentials. If you have rain gear, flip flops, a couple of extra cold ones, or just like the option of having extra storage, go with a two-pocket bag. If you don’t use it, no worries. If you need it, helpful to have. 



We’ve been making leather golf bags for 35 years — it’s our bread and butter. With leather, you get an undeniably soft hand, the enjoyment of an earned patina, and most importantly, longevity. It’s tough, durable, fares well in all conditions, and looks damn good. If properly cared for, our leather bags can easily last decades. 


Waxed Canvas

We get our waxed canvas from one of the oldest fabric finishers in the country. If you’re looking for wet weather playability, this is the material for you. The premium-grade cotton canvas coated with Martexin Original Wax can handle legitimate rain. If you plan on putting your bag on the back of a cart for a prolonged period of time, be aware that the plastic backing on carts can be tough on canvas. 


Treated Canvas

Our premium treated canvas comes from the same fabric finisher as our waxed canvas. Instead of using Martexin Original Wax to coat the fabric, they use a synthetic waterproofing solution for weather resistance. The quality is obvious and it comes in a wide variety of colors, while waxed canvas is primarily available in earth tones.



If you’re looking for lightweight and bulletproof, this is the stuff. We use a combination of 1600 denier Ballistic nylon and 1000 denier coated Cordura nylon, depending on the color or pattern. Nylon is a woven synthetic, so you’re not going to get quite the same look or hand as canvas and leather, but it makes up for it in toughness and durability. And nylon is no pushover in wet conditions. 


Custom Builder  vs  Renderings

Our custom builder is a powerful tool, but not a complete representation of our capabilities. You may also place an order by working directly with someone from our team. If you are not able to create what you would like in the builder, please reach out to us and we'll help you put a rendering together. 



Whether it’s your company logo, a club logo, or something personal we can almost always make it happen. If you'd like to use a club logo, we will either need to bill the bag through your pro shop or get permission for a one-time use of the mark. For logos we have not used before, there will be a setup charge in order to digitize the logo for our embroidery machines. 



We drop-ship all of our packages via FedEx Ground or USPS Priority unless otherwise requested and agreed upon. Generally speaking, we ship golf bags via FedEx Ground which takes 3-5 business days to arrive, depending on location. For international shipments, we send golf bags via FedEx International Priority. Our standard, single golf bag box is 36" x 10" x 6".  



Absolutely. We do repairs all the time and are happy to help you out. The best thing to do is reach out to us with an email and include some pictures of the bag in question. We'll give you a rundown of what's going on and what repairs we suggest, then we can go from there.  


Return Policy & Warranty

We do not accept returns because we made your golf bag specifically for you! We take pride in the fact that every MacKenzie is one of a kind. And a MacKenzie is built to last -- we strongly stand strongly by the quality of our work. If something on your bag is broken and it shouldn’t be, we’ll replace it without question. If you’ve been extra hard on your bag or your MacKenzie is simply an ancient artifact, we may need to discuss repair costs. 


Leather Care

Leather has character, it’s supposed to age and patina with time -- that's part of the charm. That being said we do have some suggestions for you. Leather conditioner is a nice way to enhance the feel of your bag. Reach out to us and we’ll let you know our favorite products. If you ever have a particularly wet day with your MacKenzie, we suggest emptying it out and letting it dry properly.



You certainly can, although our bags are designed to be carried. The carbon fiber batten gives enough structure to make pulling clubs easy, just be mindful of the cart's plastic backing and strap as those things can be quite rough on your bag (particularly on waxed canvas). We suggest putting a towel down to protect your golf bag from scuffs and scratches.