I want to order a bag, but need it in 2 weeks for a golf trip. Possible?

This is absolutely possible! We can’t always do it, but often times we can. Things like the design/material make a difference, how intricate the embroidery is, how busy we are and how much time we have obviously plays a role. Depending on how busy we are there may or may not be a rush fee to push your order to the front of the line. Just ask us - we want to make you happy and want you rocking your MacKenzie on your trip.


Whats the procedure if I want to add a logo to my MacKenzie?

We do all of our digitizing in house. That means you send us a logo and we personally take the time to perfect it before we embroider it on anything. Whether it’s your company logo, a club logo or something personal we can almost always make it happen. 


I’m old school, can I just pick up the phone and order a bag that way?

Please do! We’re old school too. We make golf bags with our customers, not for our customers. Picking up the phone and talking to us directly is the absolute best way to design a MacKenzie. 503-734-6355


I don’t see exactly what I want in the custom builder, whats the deal?

No need to panic - theres not much we can’t do. The custom builder is one of many tools we can use to communicate and see basic design combinations. Every single thing that goes through our shop is custom. If you want to change something but feel limited by the custom builder, reach out to us. We have the ability to make design renderings ourselves for just about whatever you want. 


I have a 20 year old MacKenzie that needs a little love, do you do repair work?

All the time. We understand that you have a special relationship with your MacKenzie… We’ll take very good care of it and tune it up as needed. The first thing to do is reach out and let us know whats going on, if you can send pictures thats even better. Almost always we’ll be able to give you a ball park cost for what we agree needs to be done. Ship us the bag and we’ll confirm what needs to be done and let you know if we have any other suggestions.


How do I go about ordering a specialty bag?

Specialty MacKenzies are golf bag artwork. The best way to start the conversation is with a phone call, but feel free to email us if thats easier for you. Someone from our team will work with you directly and talk through the options and help design something that is truly an original masterpiece. These projects are the most fun…


My strap is bleeding on my shoulder, whats the deal with that?

Every so often when we use a darker colored strap suede, we have issues with color transfer. This is the reason we try to stick with White or Cream strap suede. We’ve been trying to solve this mystery for years with little success. About 1/10 colored strap suedes will bleed, so do it at your own risk. We’ll happily make a new strap for you if you run into this, but we will charge you $75. 


What’s do you suggest when it comes to caring for leather?

Leather has character, it’s supposed to age and fade with time - that is part of the charm! That being said we do have some suggestions for you. Leather conditioner is always a nice way to enhance the feel of your bag. Reach out to us and we’ll let you know our favorite brands. If you ever have a particularly wet day with your leather MacKenzie, we suggest emptying it out and letting it dry naturally. If you every have a particularly muddy day turn to a warm, damp rag to remove the dirt. We do not suggest using any cleaning products. 


I want to add/change some embroidery on an old MacKenzie, do you guys do that?

So we get this question a decent amount. In order to embroider on a completed golf bag, we have to take the golf bag apart. That involved carefully cutting stitches, removing the top ring and batten, opening up the bag and taking off whatever part is to be embroidered. Obviously this is no small task… So depending on what you would like us to, it may or may not be worth the investment. You can expect something in the $150-$350 range. 


Can I strap a MacKenzie to the back of a cart?

...yes..... Yeah you absolutely can. We get it, there are some courses that you just can’t walk. You can astutely throw your MacKenzie on the back of a cart. The carbon fiber batten helps give it a little structure and it’s actually really easy to pull clubs. We prefer you walk!


What’s the warranty situation?

A MacKenzie is built to last - we strongly stand by our work. We have customers with 25 year old bags that they send in for a bath and a tune up. If something on your bag is broken and it shouldn’t be, we’ll replace it without batting an eye. If you’ve been extra hard on your bag or your bag is simply an ancient artifact, we may need to discuss repair costs. We’re fair and always open to conversation. 


Do you have a return policy?

We do not accept returns because we made your golf bag specifically for you! We take pride in the fact that every MacKenzie is one of a kind. We work directly with each of our customers to design and approve exactly what they want.