The MacKenzie Story

The year was 1985. Peter Jacobsen, a professional golfer and beloved Oregonian, found himself in St Andrews with his brother David.  The two fine golfers had a week to themselves, and the Old Course beckoned.  Sensibly, they elected to take a caddie in order to navigate their way around the revered ground.  The caddie master assigned one Rick MacKenzie to them and instructed that he would be carrying double for the week.  Rick took one look at Jacobsen brothers’ over-sized golf bags and shook his head.  He proceeded to remove only the essentials from each bag and loaded this into two leather pencil bags. 

The two Americans had an incredibly memorable week in the Old Grey Town, and enjoyed playing their way around the Old Course with bags carrying only the things they truly needed. They found that playing this way seemed to bring them closer to the essence of the game.

Upon returning to Oregon, they commissioned a local leather craftsman to make a beautiful, uncomplicated leather golf bag inspired by the simple bags Rick MacKenzie was carrying.  And so, the MacKenzie Walker was born.  Its classic nature was the whole point; nothing unnecessary, and only two models - either one pocket or two.

Over the years only subtle modifications have been made to the Mackenzie Walker with the intent of improving on it’s pure functionality while maintaining its timeless style. In fact, today’s MacKenzie Walker is nearly indistinguishable from the very first one that was crafted in 1985.  Yes, the leather is of a higher quality, the hardware is improved, the strap is more comfortable and the golf bag is lighter and more pleasing to have over your shoulder.  Despite the thoughtful refinements, the MacKenzie Walker's heritage remains untampered with. Thanks for walking.