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The MacKenzie Walker

In the summer of 1985, Peter and David Jacobsen spent a week in St. Andrews soaking in the magic that is the Auld Grey Toon. Yet, upon returning home to Portland, Oregon, there was but one singular and indelible experience that consumed their thoughts. Beyond the sheer genius of the Old Course, apart from the new appreciation for a dram of good Scotch and besides the laughter with friends new and old - these two found themselves thinking, much to their surprise, about a golf bag.  To be more specific, the simple, yet sophisticated, small leather golf bags that the caddies seemingly carried with such ease and grace. 

And so, they set about creating the perfect bag for the walking golfer.  Before long, form caught up to function and the MacKenzie Walker was born. More than 30 years later, our MacKenzie bag is alive and well, often spotted at the top courses and golf clubs around the world. 

Each MacKenzie golf bag is crafted by skilled artisans, one at a time, to the exacting specifications of our discerning customers. Our simple approach employs the use of old-world techniques and the selection of the finest materials available ensuring every golf bag we bring into the world is truly a handmade original worthy of heirloom status. 

So to the all players, purists, aficionados and enthusiasts, and to all those who recognize golf as a game meant to be enjoyed, shared and passed along, we welcome you to the MacKenzie family. 

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