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Shop Special
27 / 28 / 29

  • 7" top ring with a single pocket
  • key lime, lemon citron and blood orange cordura
  • white leather trim, custom white zipper
  • custom badge featuring '85 logo
  • '85 logo embroidered on pocket side
  • retrofit airtag slip pocket, includes airtag
  • includes matching valuables pouch
  • includes set of trestle sticks 

These items are ready for immediate shipment. 

Product Description

We’re capping off the summer with a trio of Shop Specials featuring some fresh Cordura colors — Blood Orange, Lemon Citron and Key Lime. Since the citrus color palette is sure to stand out, so we aimed for subtlety with the balance of the details. Custom badge and embroidery featuring our new ’85 logo. An AirTag slip pocket (AirTag included). Plus a matching valuables pouch and set of trestles.

27, 28 and 29 will be dropping on Thursday 9/15 @ 5pm PST. 

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