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Shop Special
013 & 014

  • 7” opening w/ single pocket
  • Horween Chromexcel leather throughout
  • stamped Horween patch inside pocket
  • custom Shop Special badge
  • includes set of MacBaggins trestle sticks
  • includes jar of Black Rock Leather 'n' Rich

This item is an in-house design. It is ready for immediate shipment. 

Product Description

Some might say crafting a golf bag entirely of Horween Cromexcel is crazy - and indeed it is, this is some of the most expensive leather on planet earth. But, we were founded as a leather bag company 35 years ago and the pursuit of fun, beautiful and challenging projects has been at the core of our ethos since day one. These two special slings represent a continuation of our heritage, in-house artisanship and ability to blend the classic with the contemporary. Horween is notorious for its patina — over time it will develop a unique sense of place and character, showing all the love marks from your golfing adventures. It will get darker in spots and show wear in others, all in the name of getting better with age.

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