A MacKenzie Update

Written by Nic Mulflur

Friends - 

This is nothing more than a quick update on MacKenzie, perhaps more for my own subconscious ease than anything else. We are truly busier than ever and for that the adjective of “grateful” falls laughably short. During a time when we’re constantly peppered with uncertainty, it continues to be abundantly clear just how blessed we are to be doing well. Our entire team is healthy, gainfully employed and most importantly enjoying the work that we do. 

We moved into a new shop almost a year ago, as the need for more space was requisite. It is both rewarding and reassuring to move due to growth as there has been no shortage of hard work. We added a few talented craftsmen and women to our team this year, the value of which is palpable. As we quickly approach four decades of practice in making golf bags, that experience undoubtedly plays an important role in the quality of our work, though none of that matters without the trained eye and studied hands of our team.  

Piloting the delicate balance of customer’s ideas, our own creative license and the skilled trade of our sewers is a welcomed challenge. The simplicity of our golf bags is undeniable as it can be dumbed gracefully down to a single strap, single divider and the choice of one pocket or two. However, it is with a deeper understanding of the work that goes into our craft that one can truly appreciate what a MacKenzie is and represents. It is a deceivingly simple canvas that I have grown quite fond of coloring.

I guess the point of this soliloquy is to say a big thank you to our wonderful family of customers who continue to show their support and enable us to be a part of this rewarding line of work. It is your enthusiasm that inspires us to do what we do. Believe me when I tell you, nothing makes me happier than the words of a pleased customer. We will continue to work hard and above all else, strive to honor the same ethos that MacKenzie has embodied since 1985 — take no short cuts while making a product that we are proud of. 

We are excitedly working through a substantial queue of orders right now, so in addition to our gratitude for your support we also thank you for your patience. We have a few exciting things in the pipeline including some completely new products and a couple of Shop Specials, the details of which will be coming soon. So in summary — we’re busy, grateful and absolutely delighted to be making you golf bags. From the bottom of my heart, thank you and best wishes. 


Nic Mulflur