44's MacKenzie

Written by Nic Mulflur

Standing by the cutting table I hear the phone ring at my desk so I jog back to answer, “Thanks for calling MacKenzie Golf Bags, what can I do for ya” I ask. The ensuing request was one that would normally be impossible. One week before Christmas and this polite customer is asking for a custom MacKenzie by December 24th. I explain that there just isn’t any way we can do it, that we typically need at least 2-3 weeks plus we’re absolutely slammed with orders. There was a brief pause and I could tell a serious rebuttal was coming my way. What I wasn’t expecting was the name drop of the year. 

“Would it make a difference if the bag was for Barack Obama” I was asked. 

I closed my gaping mouth before opening it again to speak, “Oh jeez. Yeah that could actually make a difference. That’s one hell of a name drop you just pulled off” I replied.  

So you’re telling me Barack Obama, an avid golfer, needs a new golf bag… I’ll be damned if it isn’t a MacKenzie Walker. I quickly assured the customer calling on behalf of the past President that we would work overtime to make sure we got the bag done and express delivered by Christmas. 

It’s not every day that you get to make a golf bag for a leader of the free world. Regardless of your loyalties or political opinions, a respect for the President of the United States is an absolute. Of course we put together a stunning color combo fit for a President - charcoal waxed canvas with navy trim, a few touches of red and nothing more than a little “44” embroidered on the handle.

Thanks for walking President Obama.  




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