How We Do It

Simple.  Beautiful.  Useful.  

The earliest decisions about the MacKenzie Walker provided us the same mantra we follow today. 

Your MacKenzie begins in a select few tanneries.  The resulting leather hides find their way to the expert hands of our leather cutters, who carefully select the ideal sections of the hide for each part of your golf bag.  The parts are then skived, folded, hammered and matched before being passed on to the practiced hands of our stitchers.  Dozens of individual pieces of leather are guided through subtly powerful sewing machines as your MacKenzie begins to take shape.  The finishing touches and final pieces of hardware are applied with meticulous attention to detail.  All of this is done one step at a time, by hand, of course.  Each step contributes in its own way to the deep-rooted heritage of the MacKenzie Walker. It is a golf bag we expect you to carry for many, many rounds.  

Every golf bag is crafted using only the finest full-grain leather available.  To give you an idea, roughly four percent of the world’s leather makes the cut.  Years of experience have proven that it is the only leather from which our golf bags should be made.  Our waxed canvas comes from two of the world’s oldest fabric finishers, each dating to the 1800s.  Naturally, these companies set the industry standard for quality, making fabrics that will be put to use in conditions much harsher than most golf bags will ever experience.

Many products speak of their evolution, however the MacKenzie Walker was born fully formed and over the years its evolution is more aptly described as refinement.  It is akin to a sculpture… We have taken away whatever isn’t necessary for the golf bag to fulfill its original purpose: carry your clubs, golf balls and necessities in an elegant and uncomplicated manner. 

Welcome to the club.