Ballistic Nylon 101

Written by Nic Mulflur

So here's the deal... Until now we've offered Ballistic Nylon exclusively in black. Our three alternative colors (red, navy and green) were made available in Cordura nylon. To the untrained eye Ballistic and Cordura look more or less the same, the primary difference is in the way that the fabric is woven. They're virtually identical in weight and durability, however, Ballistic has a much better hand and a way cooler story.

A little history lesson - Ballistic Nylon has been used for over 50 years in some of the toughest military and outdoor applications. The term "ballistic" is referring to the material being used in anti-fragmentation jackets. We're making golf bags out the same material that was used to make flak jackets...  Needless to say, these golf bags can handle just about anything. 

So not only have we upgraded to high-grade Ballistic across the board, but we have some new colors as well - Black, Navy, Red, Gray, Olive, and Coyote round out the updated selection. We're particularly excited about Olive and Coyote as they add some great earth tones to the color pallet. We've got a few of our favorite designs available in the shop section, but all these colors available in our custom builder as well. Please remember - our custom builder is not a perfect representation of your MacKenzie. It's just a tool... So if you want to see some more pictures or have a chat about color combinations, shoot us an email. We're always happy to chat. 

In a nutshell, Ballistic Nylon is extremely durable, lightweight and water-resistant.  It makes for a great first MacKenzie if you're looking to dip your toe in the water, it also makes for a great winter bag if you're hesitant to use the leather sling during the offseason. We build these beauties with the same stainless steel hardware and processes as our Leather and Waxed Canvas bags. They're handmade to spec and just as highly customizable as everything else we do...  Also - we've been known to make Ballistic Sunday Walkers upon special request, holler if that is of interest. 

As always, thanks for walking.